Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Name by Andrea

It's official.... I have a new last name. I went to the social security office (which smelled like alcoholics and stale cigarette smoke) and applied for a new card, then went to the DMV to get a new drivers license. I reeeeeally hoped they wouldn't make me take a new old one was pretty cute. I begged and pleaded, but apparently when you change your name, they assume your face changes too. So I guess I look "married" now. My hair was horrible, but my lovely Mexican suntan made the picture much nicer than I expected. Then I went to the bank to change my name in the system, and I kept forgetting how to sign my new last name. The banker told me that after 20+ years of marriage, her maiden signature still pops up on occasion and makes her wonder where the heck that came from. It's just something that takes some getting used to, and my fingers will need to be re-trained.

Speaking of new names.... since Andre and I have pretty much the same first name, and we both have wedding couple photos as our profile pictures, I realize that our Facebook accounts were almost identical. So I tried adding my middle initial to help distinguish the two, but some folks still were confused. So now I have my full first, middle and last name posted on Facebook. Good thing I like my middle name...because if it was Bertha or something ugly like that (my sincerest apologies to anyone named Bertha who might be reading this), I would just have to let our Facebook friends guess which Dre they're leaving messages for. It makes social networking more challenging and interesting, I think.

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Anonymous said...

Smells like alcoholics? Good line.