Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bridal Shower by Andrea

My friends are awesome. Last Sunday, Parian and Steph planned and hosted the most beautifully fabulous bridal shower a girl could ask for. We had good wine, good food, and good…no, GREAT company. The only questionable element was the “hideously fantastic” veil they forced me to wear. It had a giant cardboard diamond ring perched on the top of a fuzzy silver headband, with that obnoxious fishnet stuff flowing down the back….(wait, it gets worse) to which my crafty little friends attached several fall-colored maple leaves to enhance the theme of the wedding. Yikes and a half.

But despite the insanely ugly headgear (which will become the new tradition at all future bridal showers), the shower was a true blessing. I literally felt the “shower” of love from all the wonderful women who love me and are part of my support system. Four of Dre’s co-workers came, and even though I’m sure they like me, their presence on Sunday was really a testament to their affection for and support of Dre.

Overall, I really don’t have words to describe the love I felt… I just hope I don’t cry again on the wedding day! :) Andrea

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