Thursday, September 24, 2009

Forks by Kelly

I think I have managed to do a pretty good job of convincing people that I am almost 28. I have a decent job, seem grown up enough. Unfortunately I am actually a 13 year old. I have a disgusting Twilight obsession. It keeps getting worse. It was really bad when I first read the books. I happened to be at Jake's place at the time in Tacoma. So I begged him to take me to Forks (where it takes place). Forks is only 3 hours away. No big deal. But he didn't. The obsession calmed down a bit.

Until about a month ago. I decided to read all of the books again. Then we went to Tacoma to surprise everyone a few weeks ago. One morning I woke up and asked Jake what we were doing. He looked at me like I was an idiot and said "going to Forks."

So off we went. The two of us plus his brother Troy and his girlfriend Ashlee. Troys girlfriend, not Jake's girlfriend. It was quite a long drive. When we were about a mile away a truck sent a boulder into Troys windshield. That wasn't cool.

I won't bore you with the details on how I geeked it out all day. But it was amazing. We went to Port Angeles, Forks, and La Push. La Push is a ridiculously nice beach. it was supposed to be about a 2 mile walk to the beach but we learned if you take some weird off the path trail (which was a tsunami evacuation route) it only took about 7 minutes.

So Jake is by far the best husband ever. He put up with that crap for an entire day. We left about 9am and got home about 10:30pm. He wasted an entire day of his vacation just to let me be the worlds biggest (almost) 28 year old nerd.

Did you notice all of the 28 year old business? 50 shopping days left til my bday! I like shoes. Size 8 in converse, 8.5 in Nikes. Neon. As neon as they come. Kelly

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