Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meet the Bloggers Part One: Jake and Kelly

Name: Jake
Age: 26
Employed by: Hagerty Construction
Ethnic background: German
Place in family: Oldest
School: Fife High School
Religion: My grandparents are Lutheran.
Wedding Date: April 18, 2009
How did you meet? My band used to stay at one of the people’s house that worked for the record label we were on and Kelly was friends with the guy’s roommate and Kelly happened to be hanging out with her one night and we met.
How did you propose? Kelly surprised me in Europe when I was on tour and I had planned on asking her when I got home but since the Eiffel Tower is her favorite place on earth I had to take advantage of the situation and make her cry her face off by asking her to marry me on the tower.
How did you know this is the right person? Sounds cliché but I just know.
What’s your couple name? Brangelina
Wedding details: April 18th at St. Celestine
Anything else? Hi Mom!

Name: Kelly
Age: 26
Employed by: Cubby Bear
Ethnic background: Irish
Place in family: Current oldest (ask me about it if you want to feel really uncomfortable)
School: Grade School: St. Pascal, High School: Trinity
Religion: Catholic
How did you propose? I didn’t. I flew to Europe to surprise him while his band was there. While we were in Paris we went up on the Eiffel Tower and he totally surprised me by proposing. I responded by crying like an idiot for two hours straight.
How did you know this is the right person? He liked me during my pink hair disaster. He is hot. He’s the nicest human alive. He’s still fun even though we stopped drinking. I just know.
Wedding details: April 18 at St. Celestine. You’re invited.
What are you nervous about? Going to jail. I probably never will. I don’t really do anything wrong. I’ve never even had a detention. Oh, you mean about the wedding? I’m nervous about having to dance. I can’t dance.
Anything else? I’m very excited about writing these blogs. I will write a lot. I hope you get my sense of humor and his sense of humor.


A relative said...

Your cute couple name could be Jakelly or Cake and Jelly.

LBS said...

This is a great idea. It is so turn of the century!! Really, I enjoyed both of these tremendously! And, read more than just the first page of the marriage preparation manual - there are some fantastic and reflective insights on relationships!
"The" aunt from Iowa