Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Kelly on PreCana, Bridal Gowns, and Being Church-Famous

So I guess I'm supposed to be writing a blog about what it's like to be getting married in the Catholic Church. I won't be able to tell you exactly what that's like until April 18th, 2009 but for now I can tell you about what we're going through in order to get married in the church. And I can talk about all the other fun stuff that has nothing to do with the church.

Like last week my mom and I stopped at David's Bridal on the way home from Costco. I had once again spilled my Starbucks frappaccino all over my shirt as I do every time I go to look at wedding dresses. Or every time I go to Starbucks while wearing a white shirt. Anyway, we go into David's with me looking like a slob. I tried on a few dresses and found one that made me look like less of a slob. My mom cried and I fell in love with it so we bought it.

Saturday was our PreCana. I should say I didn't know what to expect but that's a lie. My mom told me what to expect. She said expect no air conditioning and really uncomfortable chairs. She was half right. I was cold most of the day.

We got there at a time that no human should ever have to be up yet most humans are already up. 8:45 AM. I would have preferred to sleep another 5 hours but that's just me. Keep in mind I am not lazy, I just have a job where I have to work until 2 or 3 AM (and I'm lazy).

If you're getting married in the church you really have no choice, you have to go. Don't have this be something you dread. You'll like it. I guarantee it. If not, you'll get your money back (just kidding). If you're not super religious or not Catholic it doesn't matter, faith is definitely talked about, but it isn't jammed down your throat.

After feasting on our gourmet doughnuts and nutri-grain bars that were provided, the day started. Well it started after we were instructed to turn off our cell phones. I can guarantee that everyone turned their phones on silent. Who really ever turns it off when they're told to? So anyway, it actually was really fun. I don't want to give away too many details but there were a lot of exercises for us to do. Not the kind that will help me fit into a size 4 dress but the kind where you fill out a workbook that smells like 3rd grade (you'll see what I'm talking about when you go). Hopefully you're able to tear the pages out of the book better than I could. My inability to tear in a straight line lead me to not be allowed to even try anymore. Then you discuss it with your fiance. And it really helps. I'm not doing too good of a job explaining it.

We were there from 9-4:30 and the time flew by. Jake talked through the entire thing. Not to me, I mean he participated in the discussions. He likes to talk. He says he really enjoyed it too. That was his input for this blog.

So basically to wrap up this 10,000 word rambling blog, go to your PreCana expecting to have fun. You will. If you are at St. Bernadine’s the chairs will not be comfortable but they're not THAT bad. Also read the first page of the workbook thing. Two of my relatives wrote it and one edited it. I'm church famous.

From Andréa On Rules of Engagement

So who made it a rule that an engagement isn’t official until there’s a ring??? Andre (Dre) and I have been ready to get married since the first week we met…we’ve just been waiting for the rest of our family and friends to buy into our little plan. And now that our first anniversary is coming up, (August 9th) everyone is surprisingly disappointed that the wedding isn’t THIS September! I mean, it’s great to have everyone on board finally, but now we almost feel rushed. And with all the buzz and excitement, people are appalled that we’ve already completed FOCCUS, set the date, booked the hall, reserved the church, and are buying a condo prior to getting “officially” engaged with a ring and a proposal and whatnot.

My coworkers are the worst offenders. I’m beyond being just “The Girlfriend” and after the wedding, I’ll be “The Wife.” So after much discussion, they decided that because there’s no ring, I’m not “The Fiancé,” I’m “The One.” What’s with the labels?

Our friends are happy for us, and both our families are VERY excited. No one seems to have a problem with introducing Dre as “The Fiancé” even without the finger bling to show off. Dre told me that he’s glad the family is so supportive, but it kinda ruins the element of surprise with the “official” engagement announcement…whenever he has it planned for.

Honestly, I don’t really think about it until I mention the wedding to someone, and they immediately look at my left hand. Then I go into my spiel about how we’re saving for the condo, and I’d rather have a roof over our heads than stare at my gorgeous diamond ring while living at home with mom and dad. So yeah, I’ll take the condo, thank you. The ring can wait.


Anonymous said...

Andrea, I recommend you save for a condo and get a ring, too! Just a suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Really informative blog. Nice to hear about the lead up to a wedding from younger people, as apposed to hearing it from older relatives.