Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meet the Bloggers Part Two: Andrea and Andre

Names: Andréa & André
Age 27 & 26 (respectively)
Employed by Andréa: Advocate Christ Medical Center, Oak Lawn, Illinois. André: Computershare, Chicago, Illinois
Ethnic background African-American (AKA American Mutts)
Place in family Andréa: First born of two, only girl. André: First born, one younger half brother in Chicago, three half siblings in California (one boy, two girls)
School Andréa: All done as of December 2004! Went to Grand Valley State University in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. André: Went to University of St. Francis and Joliet Junior College, planning to go back to school for broker’s license.
Religion Roman Catholic
Wedding Date 9/19/09
How did you meet? At a friend’s wedding in August of 2007
How did you propose? It was relatively low key, but André surprised Andréa by going ring shopping and ended up buying it on the spot.
How did you know this is the right person? Andréa’s opinion: His personal “resume” fit the job description. Basically, he had all the general qualities I was looking for (religion, height, hobbies, lifestyle, etc.), and as soon as I realized he was a great guy too, I was sold. Only took 5 days from the day we met! André’s opinion: Yeah, pretty much the same thing.
What’s your couple name? André(a)
Wedding details Getting married at our new church home in Joliet which just happens to be ten minutes from the botanical garden where our friend got married in 2007…so naturally we’re having our reception at the place where we met. Also, doing some non-traditional things i.e. no official bridal party, and no veil.
What are you nervous about? The invitation list! André’s list is manageable, but Andréa could probably fill Soldier Field with her list…so narrowing it down to fit the 250 person limit in the reception hall was an interesting challenge. We hope everybody understands that space is limited, and doesn't get their feelings hurt. Other than that, I think we’re fine….just ready to start married life together.
Anything else? We’ve been ready to get married since the first couple weeks we started now we're taking time to enjoy each other's company and learn each other's talents, skills and quirks. Oh, and we've already picked out our children's names even though they won't be here for a few years.

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