Monday, July 28, 2008

Andrea’s copycat blog re: name changing

After reading Kelly’s blog about giving up her last name, I just had to chime in. I’m having some identity issues. Well maybe not my “identity” per se, but I’m longing for a sense of individualism and uniqueness.

My dad’s name is Andrew, so growing up I was always confused with him (on paper anyway). Same address, same last name, and first name was only off by one letter.

Now I’m marrying Andre, which is even more closely related to my name. So once again we’ll have the same last name, same address, and first name only off by one letter. We even have the same nickname… our friends call us “The Dre’s” or “Dre 2.”

I want my own identity! But I’m not really a fan of the hyphenated name. It makes things too complicated, and in my case it would be like straddling the fence between being confused with my dad and being confused with my husband. It’s hard enough being confused with just one at a time. Andréa

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Sarah said...

what's dre's middle initial? if it's different than yours, you can always start writing your newly married name with the M.I....