Monday, August 4, 2008

Ow from Kelly

I'm really hoping that whenever Jake and I have kids that they have his skin. Well, he can keep his own skin but I hope they have his complexion. He is German and only tans. But not that gross club guy type tan. Just a real person tan. He sometimes gets a tiny bit red but within a few hours its already turned brown.

I'm Irish and I'm super pale. I have to wear SPF 30. It doesn't even work. I was at an all day outdoor concert yesterday and am so painfully burnt. Even the back of my knees are burnt. How is that possible? I'm pretty sure that's the most painful spot. (Aw poor me. Feel so sorry for me).

Jake's 6'2." I'm 5'3." I'm really hoping they take after his side height-wise too. Although I'm proud to say, since I haven't grown since I was 10, I was the tallest person in fifth grade.

I also won the spelling bee in second grade (but I just now used to see if it was sun burnt or sunburned. It's both).

I am sun burnt and sunburned.


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Beth said...

Aww :)

I hope your sunburn gets better soon.