Friday, August 22, 2008

Kelly: Another Ring

I went to Seattle last week with some dude that I'm going to marry to surprise his mom for her birthday.

While we were there we went to his aunt who is a jeweler to pick out our wedding rings. Now I am not a jewelry person. I have 7 crappy earrings I wear from Claires and a necklace my cousin from Ireland gave me when I was 18. That's pretty much the nicest thing I had. But I think I've found a new love for diamonds. I want big sparkly rings. They're so fun.

When Jake proposed he obviously didn't have a ring because I surprised him in Europe.

He looked around for a fake ring to use for the night but had no luck. This meant I got to pick my own ring as soon as I got home. That was fun too. My ring is gorgeous. Both rings are gorgeous. I'm thinking of pushing up the wedding by 7 months so I can get to wear it sooner.

Jake decided against getting a giant diamond for himself and went with a plain white gold band. I decided against a plain white gold band and got a lot of diamonds.

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al said...

Can you post pictures in your blog? Let's see the bling, kelly!!!