Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kelly: Deal Breakers

The other day my mom asked us what were some deal breakers for us. Like what things could Jake do that would make me dump him. This was not including the obvious things like cheating, beating, things of that nature. I was having a hard time thinking of legit things that could make me break up with him. I found a few.

Those things are:
  • Pinching my nose. He did it once and I'm pretty sure after the reaction he got, he will NEVER do it again
  • Run at me from real low to the ground (or run up the stairs at me) This is probably the biggest deal breaker. It might sound ridiculous but I am terrified of little things running at me. So if you get low and run, I will scream and cry (literally).
  • Tickling me. I dont even need to explain this one. It is a form of torture. For real.

Those are my deal breakers. I'm assuming if he had to write the same blog he'd say "There's nothing she could ever do wrong. She's absolutely perfect in every way." I'm obviously not 14 and wouldn't for real break up with him for any of this but don't tell him. I need to keep him on his toes. Kelly

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