Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Need a Vacation by Kelly

I need a vacation. I can't get it out of my brain. I want to take a second honeymoon. You can do that at 6 months right? Normally people take vacations every 6 months...that's what I've heard. Heard...made up...same thing.

Hopefully in February we are going to Italy for one of my bridesmaids' wedding. Our original plan was to go to Italy, France, and London. If we are going to go on that long of a flight...might as well make it worth it. That gets insanely expensive though. But yesterday I decided I just want to go to Italy. then head off to somewhere tropical. Work won't let me take off for 2 big trips. So I'll just take one extra long trip. Actually work won't be happy with me taking off any time but that's ok. I will make it happen.

I just want to lay on a beach somewhere. Maybe I will make Jake move with me. To some lovely all inclusive place. Maybe we can own a place. OK good, new life goal.

Also congrats Drea and Dre!! Now hopefully we can all do karaoke soon. Kelly

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