Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh. Em. Gee. by Andrea

It's been a whole month already! Time really has flown...but literally since the moment we said "I do" people have been going nuts over us. "Oh, em, gee, you're married! Oh, em, gee, I'm so happy for you! Oh, em, gee, let me see the ring! Oh, em, gee!!!" Even when we try to hold conversations, they all seem to have trouble talking about anything other than us being married. It's such a blessing to know that we have support, but it's a bit overwhelming...and since we've been consumed with our wedding stuff since July, we really would like to know what's new with everyone else, ya know?

We've also been getting tons of questions...usually the same 5, so not much variety. And people usually ask the questions while wearing the biggest cheesiest grins, smiling incessantly. 1.) So...how's married life? 2.) So...how was the honeymoon? 3.) So....when can we see pictures? 4.) So... where are you living now? 5.) So....when's the baby coming? I think #5 is the hilarious. A baby?? Really?? Can't we spend some time alone first? We're planning for a couple years from now, but my friend Denise gave me a great answer to the baby question. If anyone asks when the baby is coming, just answer "9 months after we get pregnant." Genius. Andrea

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