Monday, October 26, 2009

Competitions by Kelly

I am in total shock.I was sure at the Celebration of Marriage thingy I was going to win the 2nd honeymoon. How dare they not pick my number? I can't believe it. You mean I will have to pay for it? With my own money?? They must think I am rich. I also must think I am rich if I am planning on going on a 2nd honeymoon after being married for only 6 months.

Although it would look a little suspicious if we would have won it. We were the ones selling the raffle tickets. We decided to have a contest. There wasn't any type of prize, I'm just into making everything competitions.

Jake sold like $1500 worth of raffle tix. I sold $500. I had to let him win. I took a break to go eat. While I was eating, I went to the buffet and made him a huge plate of food so he could have something to eat when he finished. I'm assuming in the time it took me to do all of this, I easily could have sold another $4000 worth of raffle tickets.

I just didn't feel like it. Kelly

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Anonymous said...

Does that sign say Kaffle or Raffle?