Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dre's "Nothing Box" by Andrea

I know, I know... men are from Mars, women are from Venus. I've read "Theology of the Body" and I understand the differences between us. But men always manage to find new ways to baffle me. Last weekend, Dre spent two whole days playing the same video game. I just can't understand how he can run around shooting things in a virtual world for almost 36 hours. But after church on Easter Sunday, Dad showed me this video that explained EVERYTHING: So now I see that Dre was in his "Nothing Box" for those two days, ignoring everything else around him so he could have his chill time. I'm not too much of a nag, but this "Nothing Box" will eventually turn me into one. Apparently there's nothing I can do to destroy it, so my goal is to shrink the size of the "Nothing Box" to keep him from spending so much time in there. No, I don't have an actual game plan in mind just yet, but I'm still determined to pry him away from the Playstation and make him clean the bathroom sometime before the wedding. Wish me luck! Andrea

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