Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Wedding Drama by Kelly

This wedding drama never ends. I decided I wanted to add more items to my Macy's registry. So I was having trouble trying to log in and I decided to just search for our registry. Nothing comes up if you search for my name. So I guess I don't exist. I decided to check under Jake's name....and I found two entries. There are two Jake Wambolds, and two Kelly Hagertys!!! And one is getting married on 11-11-09. Which I know I don't even have to bother telling you that's my birthday. I know everyone knows.

Now I know some people out there might be thinking that it is just a typo. Who gets married on a Wednesday? But I know the truth. That other Kelly Hagerty is me. I am just in another dimension. The other Kelly Hagerty lives in the world where everything, in fact, does revolve around my birthday. How nice. Kelly

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