Monday, February 9, 2009

Flower girls by Kelly

Finding a wedding dress was fun. Finding flower girl dresses was much more fun. Actually finding them wasn't fun, giving the girls the dresses was fun. I have two flower girls. We don't have anyone that can be a ring bearer in either of our families. So we are having two flower girls.

Grace is 8. She has been a flower girl in about 342 weddings. So I know she will be a pro. Annie is.....3 or 4, I can't remember (see picture. Grace's will be posted tomorrow). She was so excited when we brought the dress over. She explained to me that she is a flower girl in a wedding, and gets to walk down the aisle, and gets to hold flowers!!!!!!! Her mom told her she would be beautiful but not as beautiful as the bride. She then said, "What's a bride???"

I didn't ask Grace to be a flowergirl until yesterday because I haven't seen her in months. She couldn't have been happier (or at least is a good actress). I gave her her dress as a birthday present. She instantly tried it on and I don't think she was too happy when she had to take it off.

I saw ruby red slippers at Target and decided that if the little girls want to wear shoes like mine, that would be cute. If they don't, That's cute too. Kelly

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