Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dana's second wedding by Kelly

The daytime is so boring. I only have to work at night so I sit around all day dreading about how I have to be at work. Today I get to go in at 2 and am excited.

While working a seminar last night about home buying, I wrote down all of the money we've spent so far on the wedding, and all of the money we still have to spend. I almost died. We still owe like 4 billion dollars. Four billion is a lot to come up with in two months (how is it already two months away?).

It's not like we are having an expensive wedding either. I'd like to say I researched for hours about all of the cheapest places to have the wedding at, and the cheapest flowers, djs, everything....but I didn't. My friend did. Dana got married about a year and a half ago. So she gave me all of her info. She managed to have a beautiful wedding for not a lot of money for 400 people.

So lucky Dana, she gets to have two weddings. She will have to be a spectator for the second one though. Kelly

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