Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FOCCUS by Kelly

We finally took the FOCCUS. About two weeks ago we were with the deacon just doing a pre wedding checkup and asked how we go about doing the FOCCUS. He said, "Want to do it now?" So we took it.

He left us in the room together which made me think that Jake would try to cheat off of mine. I was tempted to cover my answers with a piece of paper. He should have been the one covering his answers because I definitely looked at his paper. Not to see the answers, but so I could see how far he had gotten. I am a very fast reader so obviously I was a little ahead of him. It's not like it was a contest to see who get done faster (I was done much faster).

Well apparently I should have taken a little more time to read the questions carefully. My brain forgot to work a little and I answered ridiculous questions with ridiculous answers. Apparently I said that Jake and I don't agree on proper party behavior. I think we need to get invited to parties in order to find out what proper party behavior is. Kelly

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