Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting Married Makes You Fat by Kelly

Getting married makes you fat! I came to this conclusion about 30 seconds ago and decided it must be blogged. I have gained 15 lbs. since Jake and I got engaged. So maybe being engaged makes you fat too. I lost most of the weight right before the wedding. But then gained 7 lbs. on our honeymoon. How is that even possible? We were only gone 7 nights. There is a slight chance it had something to do with the ridiculous amount of food and drinks we consumed. I am a fan of all-inclusive resorts.

We are home now though. There really is no other reason that I am so fat other than I am now very lazy. I work a million hours a week and eat like crap. I feel like I don't have something hanging over my head anymore to keep me skinny. Like, I don't have to fit into a certain dress, so why lose weight?

I don't like this way of thinking. Soon I will have to be fork lifted out of the house if I don't cut this crap out. Today is day #1 of the diet. Ok, diets don't work. A commercial told me that. So today is the start of crazily working out.

I need to stay super pretty if I want to keep a husband! Good thing I'm so conceited.

Oh no. Just remembered we are going out for sushi tonight. Maybe it will start tomorrow.............Kelly

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Andrea said...

hahaha! Yeah, I gained about 15 lbs when Dre and I first started dating, so I know the feeling. I'm trying really hard to stay focused and look great in my dress, but I like to eat (except when I'm stressed out...I lose my appetite). So with only 40-something days left, I'm hoping that the stress will make me skinny for the wedding so I don't have to diet or go to the gym.