Monday, August 24, 2009

Reunion by Kelly

Tomorrow we are having my grade school reunion. Normal schools would have this every 10 years. Well, we forgot so we are having a 13 year reunion. I am really excited. I had hoped to lose 10 lbs but since I put no effort whatsoever into that, it didn't happen. I still think I see quite a few people I went to grade school with but it will still be fun.

I just want to show off Jake. I probably wouldn't even go if he wasn't going to go with. He is hot and everyone always loves him. I am usually lacking a personality so that is his job.

He will probably get real jealous since me and my friend Mike never technically broke up after we dated for a week my freshman year of high school. Ok, I guess we didn't date for a week, I guess we have been dating for almost 9 years.

Note: Text from Kelly on her way to the reunion to her mother: Are you still up and how do you feel about giving us a ride ? No cab. Next text a few minutes later: Phew. Found a cab, Mom doesn't have to drive us to a reunion. Kelly

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Berly said...

I'm not to sure how I found this blog, but almost fell over when I saw it. You're so cute! I'm so glad you came with Jake. I LOVE HIM! Im' also excited that you wrote a blog about our reunion lol. XOXOXOXO