Monday, March 2, 2009

Too blessed to be stressed! By Andrea

Dre is always relaxed. Always. I've been worried about credit card bills, student loans, and car notes and a tanking economy while trying to plan a just seemed like an overwhelming amount of stuff to have to pay for and it was stressing me out. Dre kept telling me to chill and trust that everything would work itself out. But even though I tried to be calm I just couldn't get past the feeling of uncertainty. So when tax season rolled around, I started gathering everything I could think of that could get me some extra deductions. Dre filed my taxes, and I was very pleasantly surprised to hear that new homebuyers get an extra refund! Who knew?? (Ok, I'm sure plenty of people knew about it, but I didn't.) So I used the extra money to pay off the stuff I've been stressing about and Dre is just sitting here all cool and relaxed saying, "See? I told you not to worry about it." My great uncle, Archbishop James P. Lyke, once told my dad that you can't worry and pray at the same time. So I guess while I was busy trying to balance the prayer and stress, Dre was "too blessed to be stressed." Andrea

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Anonymous said...

I love that quote from your great uncle. I can't wait until tax season in 2010 when I can can get MY refund! Maybe then I can finally take a vacation like a normal human being.