Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mail and throwing up (in a good way) by Kelly

I love getting mail. It's so much fun. I don't even mind getting bills. Not saying I like having to pay the bills, but opening the envelope is fun. I am easily amused. I just like opening mail.

We just sent out our invitations so all of the response cards have been pouring in. Or trickling in rather. But it's super exciting to be getting all of this mail.

Aaaaand now we are getting presents in the mail!! That is super fun. Jake told me to wait to open them. I told Jake no. My shower is in about two and a half weeks so I think some of the gifts are shower gifts, not wedding gifts. So those are safe to open, right?

Now I am in Seattle for a week (we came here to surprise Jake's brother) and I can't get mail for an entire week. I might go crazy.

Sometimes I think "Oh my gosh, I am getting married next month!!" Then I get so nervous I almost throw up. In a good way. Kelly

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Mom said...

You got two packages yesterday.