Thursday, March 12, 2009

One month and one week by Kelly

I'm getting very excited. We are down to about a month and a week before the wedding. Everyone says during that last month you loose a ton of weight because you are so stressed. So maybe I can spend the next month loading up on carbs because I will lose it all anyway. Yeah, I'm not going to risk that.

My bridal shower is next week. I'm pretty excited for that too. Not even because I get presents. I'm excited because my aunts are nice enough to throw a party just for me (and Jake but he won't be there because no boys allowed!) It's like the start of the wedding month. I can't really describe why I'm excited. It's just something to look forward to. Then when it's done, I can go back to non-stop stressing.

I'm not even sure what I'm stressing about.

While I was on yesterday I searched for the word pink. Then I registered for most things that popped up. Jake is going to be so excited to have an entirely pink house. Kelly


Anonymous said...

Jake will look cute cooking with pink pans.

Zuella said...

I got a pink Kitchen Aid cake mixer, pink pots & pans set, pink Brita water filter pitchet & already have pink plates, bowls & cups for me that I received from my bridal shower! My fiance, Joey, isn't too crazy about it but I love it! Did you know they have a pink 10-cup coffe maker at Bed Bath & Beyond that's only $9.99? I so have to get that too! =) We're gettin married on May 2nd,2009.