Monday, December 22, 2008

Too cold by Kelly

Normally I pack up towards the end of November and head off to Tacoma for most of December. Then we pack up again and head to Florida for a good week. Then we drive home in the cold and I am miserable to have to go back to reality.

This year due to both of our fairly normal work schedules we are only going to Tacoma for two weeks. That's it. No Florida. So I will have to deal with being cold all winter. I don't like that. I could totally plan a trip to Florida at some other time but would then either have to drive down or rent a car. That's too much money.

So I will pretend Washington is tropical. Even though the Wambolds like their house 38 degrees colder than I like mine, I will just wear my coat all day and deal with it. And I will sit in front of the fire and pretend I'm on the beach. It's not like I'm missing out on a tan. I'm way too irish to ever get any color.

We got stand by tickets from his aunt. I dont care if we have to wait around for days. It's an amazingly cheap ticket at xmas time. Or anytime really.

On a side note, I filled up my gas tank for $13 the other day!!!!! Maybe I will use that extra money to invite an extra guest to the wedding. Or maybe I will buy new pants. Kelly

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