Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Surprise by Kelly

I am the best at surprises. I have surprised Jake all around the country. And in other countries too, I guess. Now that we share the same city it's harder to surprise him. We have started just surprising other people. Like over the summer we surprised everyone in Seattle. Well I mean we surprised his family. Every single person in Seattle wasn't surprised because I'm sure I didn't see everyone.

I decided to surprise Jake last week by forcing his brother to fly to Chicago and hang out. I think the surprise went over well. Jake was a happy boy. It was cute. It's such a pain that both of our families have to live so darn far from each other. Hopefully technology speeds up and they invent something that can get me to Seattle faster than on a plane. Teleportation?? Kelly

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Andrea said...

We definitely know the feeling...Dre's whole family (well most of his family) is in California, so when you get that teleportation device ready, let us know. :)