Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Survey by Kelly

Kelly's answers to a random Thanksgiving suvey:

1. Where did you go for Thanksgiving? Or did you cook? For Thanksgiving we went to my mom's friend's house who I consider to be an aunt. I was sick so I laid on the couch a lot. I cooked some cauliflower that I pretended were potatoes. They were lovely.

2. If you went to your future in-laws, did they do anything that seemed odd? No we were at my family's so everything was totally normal.

3. Any weird food? Yes. I was eating cauliflower instead of potatoes!That's very wrong!

4. Did you find out anything about your future spouse you did not already know on Thanksgiving? I learned not to give him my phone to update ever again because he erased all of the info on it for the 3rd time since I've gotten it. Kelly

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