Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday report from Kelly

So I know I have kept everyone in suspense about how the big birthday bash went. It is now almost two weeks later so I guess it's time for me to talk. It probably couldn't have gone better. Ok if I would have gotten a puggle or a yorkie poo I probably would say it went better. But I've already gotten a dog for a birthday present a few years ago so I guess people were thinking outside the box.

I'm not even sure what the phrase outside the box means. I mean I sort of do....but what box? Anyway, so being with Jake on my birthday was amazing. I know it's just one day and it's not all that important but it meant everything to me that finally we got to be together. He already missed two. I've never missed one of his birthdays. That must mean I like him more.

He got me more j'adore which makes me smell nice. He also got me an iphone which is hard to type on which explains my lack of blogs. So blame him. I'm not sure what his excuse for not writing them himsef is. Kelly

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