Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Important questions by Kelly

We are now at less than five months until our wedding. And I'm still procrastinating at every chance I get. I need to get bridesmaid dresses. I have to get flowers. But I haven't. I will, though. Eventually.

More importantly though, I need to figure out our honeymoon. I'm pretty sure we're just going to Mexico. But where should we go? I tried to fall asleep the other day at 11 PM and accidentally started looking up honeymoon stuff and ended up going to bed around 4:30 AM.

I have no desire to go to Europe because I feel like I've been there a lot and Jake has been there like 100 times. But it would be cool to go to Paris for like 3 days. And I'd like to live on the Eiffel Tower. I wonder if I can go everywhere. For free of course. This stuff is expensive! Kelly

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