Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fitting In by Kelly

I just spent the last two weeks in Tacoma with Jake's family. We have been going there for the last three years for Christmas. Normally we go to Florida for New Years to be with my family but this year we didn't. The two weeks flew by. It feels like I never left. It took us three days of sitting around the airport to finally get out of Chicago. It was right when the ridiculous storms hit and it was negative 40. Gotta love the weather here.

There were also storms in Seattle so between the two places it took us awhile to get out. So I guess gotta love the weather there too.

Christmastime is nice around their house. All of the grandparents come over on Christmas Eve for dinner and we open a few presents. Then on Xmas day, we go to his grandma's house and open some more. Then it's nap time (for me anyway). After nap time we go to his aunt's house for dinner. Then back home to do whatever.

It was nice. His family is amazing. I feel like I fit right in. I tend to be pretty quiet which works out nicely. They all talk so much it's hard to get a word in. His grandpa and I usually just sit around watching people and laughing.

Every year Jake and I say that no matter what, we won't get each other anything. Last year he gave me a Blackberry and a Nintendo DS and said it was for my birthday. I'm happy this year he didn't cheat. Kelly

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