Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Progress by Kelly

I woke up way earlier today than normal. I woke up around 11 AM (I don't go to bed until about 4 AM so I am allowed to sleep late). I debated on going to Target for no other reason than wandering around because I was bored. Instead I came upstairs and my mom and I worked on wedding details for about four hours. I feel much better now. I think we got a ton done. Originally I had said all of our single friends could bring a date. After realizing our guest list is already at 350 I decided noooooo way. Single people can meet other single people. So no guests for the single people. Sorry. For the record, there is no way all 350 people will show up. Jake's parents are throwing us a reception in Tacoma so I am inviting all of the people that are going to that one to Chicago also. Now it is 5:30 PM and I'm once again bored. I think I will now go to Target. Kelly

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buhritnay said...

i dont think youre allowed to wander target without. also the word in word verification is 'bralie" which made me think braille. hello mrs hagerty.