Monday, October 20, 2008

Wild Birthdays by Kelly

I am birthday obsessed. Or maybe I should say I'm obsessed with my own birthday. I love it. I feel like I'm a princess and I just want lots of attention and maybe a few presents from the candy section of the dollar store (I also have a candy cigarette obsession but we'll talk about that another day).

Jake has never been home for my birthday. Last year he was in Germany and the year before he was in Texas. I was able to fly out to him the day after but that doesn't count. I don't want to celebrate my birthday any other day.

So this year he's actually going to be home. I'm super excited. We have big wild plans. We are going to do what I'm pretty sure most 27 year olds won't be doing for their bday...we're going to see Bill Cosby.

Maybe I'm not actually turning 27. Maybe I'm turning 77. But I think he is so funny. The Cosby Show is probably Jakes favorite show.

Actually we're technically not doing this for my birthday since it's 3 days after. So I guess you should ignore what I just said about only celebrating it on the day of. I'm sure I can turn it into a month long celebration. Kelly

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