Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jake and Kelly answer a quiz

1. What's surprised you the most about being engaged?
Jake: What’s surprised me the most about being engaged is how much happier the future wife is.
Kelly: How quickly I was able to gain 15 (unwanted) lbs.

2. What worries you about being married?
Jake: When will we hit that five million mark in the savings account is what I worry the most about.
Kelly: We'll now I'm worried about being fat. If an engagement can make me gain this much weight God only knows what a marriage will do.

3. How is your planning going?
Jake: Planning is going great, we are taking care of all the stuff asap. That way when it gets closer to the wedding date we can just relax and know we already did it.
Kelly: Ridiculously well. I think its too easy.

4. What was your last fight about?

Jake: Last fight? Don’t even know; it wasn’t a big deal obviously. It’s not that often we "fight," very rare, but "fighting" can also be healthy.

5. Is there a married couple you want to (or don't want) to be like?
Jake: Two married couples would be my mom and dad and mom2 and dad2. They both have been married for like over 126 years.
Kelly: I would like to be like our parents. I would not like to be like the Bobbits.

*Editor's note: Kelly wants you to know that the camera adds 27 lbs.

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Anonymous said...

kelly. you are very funny. and not fat at all. i told you to im me and tell me when you update this so i can read it! Hi Mrs. Hagerty. my flowers are dead now :(

i bet you guys cant guess who this is