Monday, October 13, 2008

Andrea and Dre answer the quiz

1. What's surprised you the most about being engaged?
Andrea: The word "fiance" sounds so foreign to me still...and I guess "husband" will take some getting used to also. Anyway, the thing that has really surprised me is the barrage of wedding crap...It's insane!!! I'm getting catalogs, magazines, and coupons for wedding photography packages in the mail, plus a sudden influx of diet solution emails. Even on Facebook and MySpace the internet banner ads have all changed to wedding rings, photography, dresses, registries, laser hair removal and whatnot. This industry is filled with vultures just waiting to attack the minute you change you relationship status to "engaged."
Dre: Nothing surprised me. Everyone else was just surprised that I'm engaged....friends, coworkers, family, EVERYBODY.

2. What worries you about being married?
Andrea: Fear of the unknown. I'm not looking forward to our first big fight... we typically agree on most things and find ways of talking through the things we disagree about. But when we have kids and need to make other tough life decisions, I hope it doesn't cause any drama between us. I guess we won't really know how we'll react until we're in the situation.
Dre: Nothing really...because I don't worry about too much of anything. I figure when the time comes, we'll figure it out, and we'll be alright. Maybe just a few worries about kid stuff, but I figure we'll both come to an agreement we'll be happy with.

3. How is your planning going?
Andrea: Planning is smooth so far, but I think it's because we were just really lucky to have everything laid out for us. For example, the reception was a no brainer because we're having it at the place where we met...duh, that's an easy one. We're not having an official bridal party, so we don't have to worry about pairing people to walk down the aisle or stress about what they're going to wear. And since there's no bridal party, that also means we don't have to plan a rehearsal dinner...there's nothing to rehearse.

The wedding is in the middle of September, so fall colors seemed obvious. We have family and friends to hook us up with flowers, invitation design, photography, etc. So it's smooth sailing.

Now dress shopping might be a bit more complicated now that I can't do bridal runway modeling this year...I couldn't fit into the skinny dresses! (Kelly was right about that unwanted 15 lbs.) I was planning to try on lots of dresses and maybe get one for free. Looks like I have to go shopping like everyone else. LOL
Dre: Going well. I stay away and let the ladies do their thing. They'll let me know what I need to do if I need to do it.

4. What was your last fight about?
Andrea: We don't "fight" per se... just discuss our disagreements. So the last "disagreement discussion" was about his unexplainable dislike for bonfires and Halloween parties. I think he's weird, and he's sticking to his opinions. So the resolution was that we will all go to the Lupe Fiasco concert and maybe out for drinks on Halloween night, and he can stay home and watch CNN while the rest of us go to the Halloween bonfire at our friend's house the day after. I've learned that he doesn't like to compromise on things like this. But he won't hold a grudge if we leave him home alone. Stubborn yet fair.
Dre: I guess it wasn't really a "fight". I just don't like barns and bonfires...I'm cool on that.

5. Is there a married couple you want to (or don't want to) be like?
Andrea: I've always looked up to my parents and their friends in their couples group. They have always been great role models for loving marriages, as well as the importance of having a strong support network of other married friends to keep your relationship uplifted. I know too many people who think marriage is just an extension of dating. For example, many failed Hollywood marriages started out as whirlwind romances with shallow roots, so when they got married, they were expecting real life to play out like the movies they star in. Life isn't a fairytale...even if you experience some fairytale moments.
Dre: I like Andrea's parents, my dad and his wife. I don't want to be like the Bundys.


Anonymous said...

Love Dre's laid back attitude. He'll just sit back and let the ladies tell him what he needs to know! Smart man!

Stephanie said...

Dre, you definitely are a man of few words and to the point. lol. Drea's answers are about four times as long as yours. =)