Friday, September 12, 2008

Wedding Dress Drama from Kelly

So I'm writing this from the treadmill at the gym. I always write gum when I mean to write gym and then I laugh.

My wedding dress came in last week. Ok it came in like three weeks ago but I finally had time to pick it up last week. it was much prettier than I remembered it being. I actually wore makeup while putting it on so that helped.
But then I tried to zip it up and couldn't! One of my bridesmaids was with me and she couldn't even zip it up!!! So the dress quickly came off and I have taken up residency in the gym.

I used to wait for Jake to get off work and then we'd go together. But I've realized I don't like going at night so I am here during the day now. I always decide I'm going to go home after I work out and clean the house and cook some big meal. Instead I sit on my bed and next thing I know its like 3 hours later and I'm just waking up. Oops. Kelly


Andrea said...

There are all sorts of bridal bootcamp workouts that I plan to Google. Let me know how it goes!

kristy said...

oh come on.. i finally zipped it up.. most of the way! and so everyone knows you went straight to the gym! after jake came home. we hung out a bit. then you dropped me off.. but after that you went straight there! or so you said..