Monday, May 10, 2010

Anniversaries and cilantro by Kelly

Anyone interested in looking at pics of our wedding? Here is my finished photo album.

I cannot believe I have been married for over a year. Time has flown by. We had an awesome anniversary. We had wanted to go back to Mexico but due to my insane schedule we settled on Milwaukee for 2 nights. That was nice and relaxing. I'd rather have had all inclusive sushi, but paying for Thai that is so spicy we can't even eat it had its benefits too.

Uh oh, I thought of Thai food. Whenever I think of it I have to order. I can't believe I went almost 28 and a half years without ever trying Thai. That's the best thing about having a husband. He makes me try food and then I get addicted (and fat).

That's kind of a lie (not the fat part, that's true). Jake made me Thai food once. It was on a day when I ate 2 day old sushi that hadn't been refrigerated (oops). I got the worst food poisoning anyone's ever had. But while throwing up, all I could taste was the cilantro in the Thai food.

I hate cilantro now. But Jake is still a good hubby. Kelly

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous couple. They have such nice black hair. I think everyone with light eyes should have dark hair.

-Love Kelly