Thursday, April 8, 2010

Having kids by Kelly (or not having kids yet)

So apparently when you get married it's time to start having kids. Like right away. At least according to most of my family. Now they don't come out and say exactly that but every conversation somehow sneaks in a little something about how we should have kids soon. I definitely want kids. I just don't want kids right this second. Plus I have to have a kid during the off season. And enough into the off season that I'm not a blimp during the season. I'm not going to try to walk through the thousands that come through this bar while super pregnant. I already missed the deadline for this year. So guess I have to wait another year. Sorry family!

We got Jake tested to see if he was a Tay-Sachs carrier. I am a carrier. If both parents are carriers your child has a 1 in 4 chance of having Tay-Sachs. It's fatal. My sister had it so we were super happy to find out he isn't a carrier.

I'm going to be a crazy parent. I worry about everything. I used to laugh at the insane things my mom would come up with to be worried about but I can probably top her now. It doesn't help that Jake is absolutely insane. The other day I came home and found him in a tree chopping down the tree. Yup. He was in the tree while chopping it down. He is nuts. He prob just won't be allowed to babysit. Kelly


Anonymous said...

Do not worry about your family they can say what they like but they cant force you to have them. Take your time until you are ready!

Anonymous said...

Take your time