Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun with the Inlaws by Andrea

I've always found inlaw relationships fascinating. I've heard so many horror stories, but my mom has a great relationship with her mother-in-law, so I always assumed that would be the same for me when I got married someday. But mine is a much more complicated situation. Unfortunately, I don't have much in common with Dre's mom, so I've had a tough time bonding with her, even though she lives close by. However, Dre's dad lives in California with his wife and kids, and we all get along great! They're just awesome people, really easy to get along with. And my "California Mom" is the type of mother-in-law I've always dreamed of. We go shopping together, we can talk about current events, sports, music, movies, God, you name it. And we all have fun together going on road trips, hanging out at Six Flags, family dinners, backyard barbeques and all those wholesome family bonding activities. I just wish they didn't live so far away. :(

Dre, on the other hand, has the best Chicago in-laws ever! My parents love him to pieces, and we have a lot of fun together. We go to church and have Sunday brunch together every weekend, and every Tuesday we go to 1/2 price margarita night at Pepe's Mexican Restaurant. Some of our friends think we're so sweet to invite Mom and Dad to the party scene...but what they don't know is that my parents started the weekly tradition back when I was in Junior High. We're just following their lead. The same goes for our favorite bar/club downtown Chicago. We were so excited to be on the VIP guest list because we know the DJ, but found out my parents won the Bump contest at the same bar back in the 70s....and they were also friends with the DJ. Go figure. Andrea

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Anonymous said...

I hope your MIL doesn't read your blog, this won't help you two bond!!!