Monday, July 20, 2009

Life is Fragile by Andrea

Sigh.... I'm often shielded from the harsh realities of working in a hospital because I'm in the marketing department and I rarely interact directly with patients. But today I got a reality check when I called a nurse to see how one of the pediatric patients was doing (he had a very serious heart condition and we were planning to feature his story in our magazine and the annual report for the kid's hospital). She told me "the patient expired" and I could feel my heart break. I can't imagine what the parents must be going through...

Dre and I have already discussed how many kids we want, picked our kids' names, and all that good stuff.... I love my kids already and they're not even here yet. I don't even want to think about the prospect of having a child who isn't healthy. All the surgeries, the testing, the medications, etc., It's all so scary. Or what if we have trouble getting pregnant?? That's a huge issue right now with a lot of couples I know, and I feel so bad not being able to help in any way. So just like that family who lost their son, and my friends who are waiting for their little ones to arrive, all we can do is pray....let go, and let God. Andrea

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