Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Days Together and the Swine Flu by Kelly

Last week my parents and bro went to Houston to spend time with my dad's sister and her fam. We stayed home because I had to work a lot. Jake has a few weeks off right now. So I was so excited to have a few days off with Jake. So excited. We never have days off together.

So we decided to go on a lunch date then go grocery shopping. Which is always fun. We ate a ton so we were tired and decided we should go home and bring our bed into the living room so we could watch tv out there in comfort. Oh there was no comfort for me.

I felt weird and took my temp when we got home. It was a 99. No big deal. I felt way worse 20 minutes later and retook it. 102.6. So I just tried to die all night with no luck.

Went to the doctor the next am even though I didn't feel as bad. Thank God I did. I've been swined. I refuse to call it H1N1. It' swine flu. The doctor didn't tell me I have H1N1 He said I have swine flu.

So he basically put me in quarantine. I can't leave my couch. Can't go within 3 feet of Jake. Can't do anything but be bored out of my mind. FOR 7-10 DAYS! This is a cruel joke. I am so bored. I should spend this time doing something productive but I am dizzy and just don't feel like it.

This stinks. Kelly

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