Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunny California by Andrea

Ahhh....Southern California! 15 days of perfect weather in the upper 70s everyday, sunshine and the promise of coming back to Chicago with a nice sunkissed glow. Oh wait. That was last year's trip to Cali. This year, my trip to LA was cut in half so I can save up my vacation days for the wedding and honeymoon.

Of the 7 days I spent there, only 1 was actually warm and sunny. The other 6 days were cool and cloudy just like the crappy weather I left back home in Chicago. Dre stayed for another week to spend more time with his family and be with his dad for Father's Day. The day after I got home, Chicago was under water in a random Midwestern hurricane, and the sun finally decided to come out in LA.

I tried not to be bitter about it, but when I'm cold, wet and miserable in Chicago and Dre is out West enjoying the sun, I can't help being a bit annoyed/disappointed. But Dre gave me some encouragement. He told me that the Cali trip was not meant to be the highlight of the year... and there would be plenty of sunny weather for our wedding. He's so sweet :) Andrea

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