Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sick by Kelly

So I'm sick for the first time since we got married. I never get sick. I imagined when I did that Jake would be there to wait on me and do whatever I wanted and just hang out while I puke and keep me company. Hang on, I mean keep me company after I puke, not during the puking part.

I think I got food poisoning. Not sure but I don't know what else it could be. I'm not pregnant. Stop thinking that. It's not possible right now. So I was kind of looking forward to being able to hang out with him. Weird, I know.

It didn't happen. At all. He is working far too hard on the remodel. He works from 9 AM-3 AM every day down there. He is getting a ton done which is amazing. It's coming along much faster than I thought it would. So I didn't get to hang out with him at all. I don't blame him. I felt awful and had puke breath. I didn't want to hang out with me either. Kelly

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