Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dre Just Loves Me for my Sketti by Andrea

I like to cook. My menu is pretty short, but the few things I can make are pretty darn tasty. So far, it appears that spaghetti is my specialty. I know, it seems simple, but I try to make my meat sauce from scratch and it takes some serious skill and patience to get the flavor just right. So I came home from work and browned and seasoned the ground turkey, sautéed the onions, green peppers and garlic in olive oil, and boiled the whole wheat pasta. By the time Dre arrived, the garlic bread was in the oven, and the whole house smelled like the kitchen at Balagio's Italian Ristorante across the street...yummm :)

Dre just smiled and said "I don't care what advice anyone gives you on Facebook about using canned tomatoes vs. fresh ones. Do EXACTLY what you did the next time you make it. I liked it just the way you made it." I asked him what he liked about it, and he said ,"Everything." I asked him to be more specific; was it the meat sauce or the pasta? He said, "Everything." So apparently I'm a culinary genius in my man's eyes. I really think Dre just liked the "sauce" since it was mostly meat. Typical guy. But I must admit it was really good. Even the leftovers were mouthwatering. I think I really outdid myself this time....let's just hope it tastes that great the next time I make it! Andrea

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