Monday, December 6, 2010

Becoming boring like our parents by Kelly

I'm reading Cosmo.  There's an article called "For Keeps" with a quote that says "Whoa, we sound like our parents." They spend the article discussing how boring they are. They talk about cleaning gutters. Buying vacuums. Making meatloaf, mowing the lawn. All this can "trigger a fear that being so connected as a couple can make you lose the spark for have for each other."

What a lovely article, Cosmo.  Thanks for making me wonder why on earth I've wasted my money on you. 

One time to be a good wife, I shoveled the snow while Jake was at work so he wouldn't have to.  When he got home he yelled at me. He apparently loves freezing outside and shoveling.  Trust me, I'm happy to never do that again.  He loved mowing the lawn.  Luckily I have a huge fear of getting my feet chopped off by a lawnmower (which my bro calls bs. Says I just never wanted to mow. True story is irrelevant.), so he always gets to mow.

He's afraid of meatloaf and our Roomba (named Robot Downey Jr) which is the best thing we've ever purchased. I needed to clean the house today and have. By sitting on the couch while Robot Downey Jr. cleans for me!

And oh no. We are turning into our parents? How horrible!!! Both sets of our parents have been married for over 30 years each. They are probably the four happiest people I've ever seen. Instead of calling (just kidding. Who uses the phone to call?? I meant text) my friends to hang out I text my mom. I text my mother in law to tell her the insanely amazing things that her son is doing. And also the amazingly insane things her son does. Just so I'm not the only one worrying about him! I  play darts with my father in law and still try to impress my dad with my less than impressive basketball skills ( but I sure was good when I was 14). I try to explain that there is a difference between uploading and downloading to my dad but I am pretty sure he will never get it.

Normally I think I am a horribly boring person but this time I think Cosmo has it so so so so wrong.

Kelly's parents being boring
If we turn into our parents....we will be the luckiest couple ever. And will most likely have more fun than anyone else.   Kelly

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure both sets of parents are very proud. It's a blessing to have two sets of parents who are such good role models. Not all couples are so lucky.