Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New home by Kelly

We are finally grownups! I am writing this from my new king sized bed. With my new 500 thread count sheets. Just enjoying life. Does a new big kid bed make you a grownup? No not really. But a new big kid house does make you a grownup!

We finally closed on our house and are in the lovely process of tearing things up and down. Jake has an entire house to redo now. We love it.

We decided to not move our things in until the remodeling is done. We did move our bed though. So far we have been here for one week with no tv, no computer, nothing. We just get to work on things and talk. I like it a lot actually. Or I did until I realized my DVR hasn't recorded the last two episodes of real housewives.

Here is the mansion. I will keep updated with progress. And will keep you updated with how my sanity is doing with another remodel goin on. Kelly

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